Choose the right integration approach

When integrating with Payrails it is important to consider different possible approaches, in particular with the client-side implementation. We offer a range of different SDKs with various degrees of customization and PCI scope. Below is an overview of the different aspects you should consider when choosing your integration approach.

What should you consider when choosing an approach?

  1. Customization vs. ease of integration - If you want the simplest client-side implementation that still leverages our orchestration features, consider our Drop-in SDK. For maximal control over UX and presentation, Elements or Secure Fields would be the better approach.
  2. PCI compliance - All of our client-side SDKs as well as our client-side encryption solution leverage our PCI-compliant token vault and enable you to minimize your PCI scope. However, if you want to collect and tokenize card data yourself you can also integrate with Payrails using only our API.
  3. Adding new payment methods - Our drop-in SDK has all of the frontend code for all payment methods built in. So adding new payment methods like Apple Pay and Google Pay requires no additional frontend implementation from your side. On the other hand, if you would like to have more control over the UX in your checkout flow, you can use other integration approaches to decide where to place payment options in your application.

See below an overview of different functionalities supported by different integration approaches. If you still have questions about the best approach, contact your Payrails representative and we will be happy to advise you.

I want to...Drop-inElementsSecure fieldsClient-side encryptionAPI only
Leverage Payrails' orchestration features (routing, retries, etc.)
Leverage Payrails' PCI-DSS certification to collect PAN data in your application
Tokenize payment methods with no additional frontend code
Add new payment methods with no additional frontend code
Customize the style of a Payrails SDK with my own CSS
Have complete control over UX in my checkout flow, i.e., payment method position, style, and animations

What are the next steps after choosing an approach?

Once you have decided for the right integration approach, you can get started working on the client-side implementation. Here is a guide how to get started with our SDKs in general, and for specifics about each SDK type refer to dedicated guides for Drop-in, Elements, or Secure Fields.

Alternatively, if you decide to opt for more flexibility on the frontend and decide not to use one of our SDKs, refer to guides for client-side encryption or accepting payments via API.