Payrails offers a flexible and customizable approach to payment processing, allowing merchants to create and execute a workflow that caters to their specific use cases. Workflows are composed of a series of steps, while executions represent the act of performing those tasks. Actions are predefined, optional interactions that can be triggered to change the state of an execution. This page provides an overview of these concepts and gives examples of different types of workflows.



A workflow is a list of steps designed to address a specific use case. Workflows are tailored to meet the requirements of a particular merchant or industry, ensuring a seamless payment processing experience.


Execution refers to the act of performing the tasks defined in a workflow. This process involves carrying out the steps in the workflow to complete a payment transaction or other related tasks.


An Action is a predefined, optional interaction that can be triggered during the execution of a workflow. Actions are used to change the state of an Execution, allowing for greater flexibility and control over the payment process.


Payrails supports a wide range of payment processing use cases through its versatile workflow system. Some examples of different types of workflows include:

  • Payment Acceptance: Streamline the payment process for customers purchasing goods or services through an online store.
  • Marketplace Payments: Facilitate transactions between buyers and sellers in an online marketplace, ensuring secure and efficient payment processing.
  • Group Ordering: Manage the payment process for groups of customers placing a single order, such as in a restaurant or event setting.
  • Cash Collection: Enable businesses to collect cash payments from customers, ensuring proper tracking and reconciliation.
  • Payment Reconciliation: Automate the process of reconciling payment transactions, reducing manual effort and ensuring accuracy.
  • Payouts: Manage the disbursement of funds to vendors, suppliers, or other third parties in a secure and efficient manner.

By leveraging the power of Payrails workflows, merchants can create customized payment processing solutions that cater to their unique needs and streamline their operations.