Operation types

There are many possible payment operation types in our system and even more to come.

The first group is the basic financial operations for payments:

AuthorizeAn authorization request, also known as reserve or hold. Can be one-step payment authorization process containing final authorization and capture or a two-step payment authorization process containing two separate requests.
CaptureCapture request of a two-step payment authorization process.
RefundRefund request of a Captured payment. Can be full or partial.
CancelVoid or Refund request depending on the status of the payment (Authorized or Captured).
CreditMove funds outside our system, e.g. payouts, external transfers.
StartSessionStarts a payment session in a provider. Usually to handle the payment flow with many steps in the frontend.

The next group is related to notification to and from providers.

SendNotificationSend a notification to a provider related to a payment.
HandleNotificationProcess generic notification from a provider. This value should only be set if the event type doesn't correspond to the more specific ones (authorize, capture, etc.).
AuthorizeNotificationProcess notification about an authorize operation in the provider.
CaptureNotificationProcess notification about a capture operation in the provider.
RefundNotificationProcess notification about a refund operation in the provider.
CancelNotificationProcess notification about a cancel operation in the provider.

The next group, equally important, is for querying external services about payments. These operations are usually key for reconciliation processes.

GetCheck the status of a payment by ID in a provider.
SearchSearch for payments in a provider with specified criteria, e.g. date range, merchant, card.

Next, we have operations related to tokenization of payment instruments.

GetTokenGet information related to a token, e.g. card public data.
TokenizeCreate a token from the attached parameters.
DisableTokenDisable (or delete) a token in the provider's system.
RegisterRegister an account in an external system or wallet.

Finally, we have operations related to 3DS, redirection, and Payer Authentication processes.

Generate3DSThe initial call to start a standalone 3DS 1.0 process, usually generating or obtaining the necessary HTML form to display.
Validate3DSThe second call to validate a previously generated 3DS process.
ConfirmCall to confirm a payment in multiple steps. Usually, this adds more information for a payment after a redirection.