Manage instruments

Payment instruments, such as saved credit or debit cards, simplify the payment process for customers by allowing them to reuse their preferred payment methods. Payrails allows merchants to manage payment instruments without increasing their PCI scope, ensuring a secure and seamless checkout experience for customers.

By following this guide, merchants can effectively manage payment instruments on the Payrails platform, ensuring a seamless and secure payment experience for their customers.


To manage payment instruments, merchants must have a Payrails account and proper API authentication. Merchants must also have a registered holder to associate payment instruments with. Customers must have already saved their payment instruments during a previous purchase.

For information on how to collect card information using the Payrails SDK, please refer to the Components and SDK guide.

List Payment Instruments

To retrieve all saved payment instruments for a specific holder, call the Search & list instruments endpoint and filter by holderReference. This allows you to display all saved payment instruments for the holder, enabling them to choose the desired payment method for future transactions.

Delete Payment Instruments

To remove a payment instrument, use the Delete an instrument endpoint. This allows customers to remove any saved payment instruments they no longer wish to store for future use.