Configure your payment options


Configuring Payment options is the first of two steps for making payment options available to your customers. To do this, you’ll use the Payrails Portal.

You can set rules for payment options by using attributes such as country, risk score, and basket amount. Once your rules for payment options are deployed, the Lookup action will use them to determine which payment options to present to a customer on checkout.

Set up your first configuration

1. Start your first configuration

To access your payment options configuration, log in to the Payrails Portal and click the Payment Acceptance menu item in the sidebar.

Click the + New configuration tab.

2. Select payment options

To make a payment option available to your customers, click on Select payment options and select it from the list. This list of payment options is dependent on your integrated PSPs.

Your selected payment options will be available to every customer by default and will be marked 'Always show' in the configuration table.

3. Add rules

After selecting payment options, you can click on Edit in each payment option row to add rules for showing or hiding them under specific conditions. A rule can consist of a single condition, or multiple conditions with AND and OR operators.

  • Example: “IF user device type is iOS THEN show Apple Pay”
  • Example: “IF shopper country is Germany AND order amount is greater than 25 EUR THEN show PayPal”
  • Example: “IF shopper country is Germany OR shopper country is United States THEN show Cards”

4. Set order of payment options on customer checkout

The order of payment options in the configuration table is the order in which available payment options will be shown to your customers on checkout.

In this example, customers to which all 3 payment options are shown will see PayPal first, Cards second, and Klarna Pay over time third.